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Who We Are

Confidio is pharmacy benefits consulting firm providing solutions that go beyond the expected to optimize financial and clinical outcomes of prescription drug therapies with sustainable solutions you can trust.

Confidio Pharmacy Solutions analytics software for pharmacies
What We Do

We optimize the value of your pharmacy benefits through transparency, accountability and advanced data analytics paired with deep insider expertise. We help you minimize drug spend while maximizing patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our reliable solutions are performance-based, results-driven and continuously validated.

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Solutions & Services

We offer a full suite of pharmacy audit, procurement, consulting and implementation services that will significantly lower healthcare costs, conform with all applicable regulations and produce a positive return on investment.

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Performance Pharmacy Solutions

Our one-stop solution for benefit
advisors & intermediaries.

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Confidio Consulting Services

Fully customized solutions focused on
meeting clients’ unique objectives.

Clinical Optimization from Confidio Pharmacy Solutions


Focusing on price alone addresses only the tip of the iceberg. Our team focuses on clinical outcomes – the part you can’t see but hits you the hardest.

Cloud-based Pharmacy Analytics from Confidio

Pharmacy Analytics

We leverage your data and our insights into actionable steps that advance your strategic agenda and boost profitability.

Payment validation services from Confidio


We keep our finger on the pulse of your PBM with Performance Analytics – our automated contract compliance engine that regularly validates your PBM’s performance.

260 Strategy from Confidio Pharmacy Solutions

360º Strategy

Our diverse backgrounds have converged to produce a powerful, multi-disciplinary force focused on meeting your unique objectives.

Strategic Sourcing from Confidio


Our transformational procurement process catapults your organization to the leading edge of pharmacy management.

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Our Team

Confidio is a technology-enabled pharmacy consulting firm using advanced data analytics to solve clients’ pharmacy problems today while keeping an eye on the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.
  • Confidio, Team, Ruth, Opdycke, Principal Advisor
    Ruth Opdycke

    pharm d, ms principal advisor

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    Confidio, Teams, Jeremy, Meyer
    Jeremy Meyer, MBA

    chief operating officer

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Arelene Romska

    data analytics consultant

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    Confidio, Teams, Court, Edwards
    Court Edwards

    account executive

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Heather O'Day
    Heather O’Day

    account executive

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  • Autumne Peth

    marketing director

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Olivia Hancock

    senior director, strategic relations

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Nechal Singh
    Nehchal Singh

    senior business analytics specialist

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    Confidio, Teams, Ryan, Cawley
    Ryan Cawley

    vice president of finance

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    Confidio, Teams, Jody Hessen
    Jo Anne (Jody) Hessen

    clinical account executive

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  • Alicia Brown

    account executive

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    Dawn McGuire

    account coordinator

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Bill Lenskold

    regional sales director

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    Patrice Rubin

    account manager

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    Confidio, Teams, Sonja Quale
    Sonja Quale, Pharm D

    chief clinical officer and vice president of informatics

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  • Confidio, Teams, Cara Denney
    Cara Denney

    trade show and events coordinator

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    Confidio, Teams, Amber Capstick
    Amber Capstick

    senior account executive

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    Christina Buckles

    project manager

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    Tom Price

    account executive

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Thatcher Sloan

    vice president, practice leader

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  • Confidio, Teams, Lindsey Marabella
    Lindsey Marabella

    data analyst

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    Confidio, Teams, Rick Hilliges, Account Executive
    Rick Hilliges

    account executive

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    Confidio, Teams, Lauren Cohen
    Lauren Cohen

    project manager

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Brent Stokes
    Brent Stokes

    account executive

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Kristin Vogel
    Kristin Vogel


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  • Confidio, Teams, Whitney Karimah
    Whitney Karimah

    account manager

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    Confidio, Teams, Lynn Peterson
    Lynn Peterson

    senior account executive

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    Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Michelle Christman
    Michelle Christman

    account executive

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    Diane Brake

    vice president, t.p.a and captive markets

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We keep our finger on the pulse of your Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

Our advanced analytics gives you the transparent insight you need to quickly and easily compare PBMs to find the best business partners for your clients and hold them accountable for financial and operational performance. Plus, our cloud-based contract compliance engine validates that your PBM is meeting its contractual obligations on an ongoing basis.

Click here to view our interactive Drug Price Inflation Tracker which helps to identify the one trend driver that cannot be controlled by your client. This tool highlights one piece of Confidio’s ability to provide visibility on drug price inflation and help optimize your pharmacy benefit.

Confdio Pharmacy Solutions analytics dashboard