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Our substantial experience cuts across the entire pharmacy supply chain, bringing working knowledge that extends from pharmaceutical manufacturers to health systems and payors to policy makers. This informed 360° point of view enables Confidio to be nimble in our client engagements, going beyond the role of an advisor to that of a true business partner. We strive to achieve and maintain a deep understanding of our clients and their objectives, then we build and deliver custom pharmacy management solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Confido Consulting Services offers a robust solution suite consisting of PBM Procurement, Strategic Pharmacy Consulting & Vendor Management, Auditing & Contract Compliance, Clinical Optimization, Government Program Support and Advanced Pharmacy Analytics.

Health Plans: In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, administration complexities are skyrocketing, costs are increasing, and margins are compressed. By providing customized strategies we streamline product offerings and optimize vendor relationships while driving operating efficiencies for all internal stakeholders. We maximize financial performance. Our analytics and financial wizardry maximize existing revenue streams and our expertise creates new revenue streams.

Large Employers: Attracting and retaining top talent through a robust benefit offering with double digit trend has become increasingly difficult. We provide solutions that are laser focused on your strategic objectives. Through our advanced analytics engine we measure and validate only what’s important to you. Our unique vendor management framework results in lowered cost, increased quality of care and higher employee satisfaction.

Third- Party Administrators: TPAs compete at an incredibly fast pace often with limited resources while providing unmatched flexibility at an affordable price. As your pharmacy center of excellence, we remove the burden of pharmacy management allowing you to be faster and even more dynamic. We create value through lower costs and increased revenue. Our strategic solutions help you clearly articulate your value to the market and our analytics prove your value. We know how to help you win and retain more business.

Taft-Hartley: We understand the difficulties of maintaining affordable benefits for members that are easy to navigate. Cost and utilization trends make it more difficult to preserve benefits for members now more than ever. Our approach is both member and fund centric. This approach, coupled with an advanced analytics engine maximizes vendor performance, increases member satisfaction, and lower costs.

Coalitions: Continually staying ahead of the market requires unique thought leadership. We deliver relevant solutions to you and your clients keeping you ahead of the competition. Our analytics engine provides lightning fast results that allow you to quickly scale with growth. Our deep content experts optimize your vendor relationships while our diverse backgrounds collaborate with you to drive growth and create new synergies.

Pharmacy Supply Chain Stakeholders: Our 360° perspective on the pharmacy benefit allows us to bring unique and valuable recommendations to the table that are aligned with your corporate agenda. We leverage our deep understanding of the entire pharmacy benefits delivery system in conjunction with data driven insights to craft solutions targeted at your most critical pharmacy issues and business opportunities. Our clients experience a broadened suite of services and enhanced capabilities while deploying less resources which allow them to sell and retain more business.

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