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Pharmacy benefits are utilized the most and understood the least. That’s why we created Performance Pharmacy Solutions (PPS) to take the guesswork out of pharmacy management, saving you precious time and resources. Featuring proven market-leading partners, PPS is a turnkey solution designed specifically for benefit advisors to efficiently and effectively evaluate, manage and oversee your self-funded client’s pharmacy benefit management program.

Performance based solutions from Confidio1,234

Average Size Group

Advanced data analytics for performance from ConfidioAdvanced Data Analytics

Hold PBMs Accountable for Performance

Annual savings performance from confidio22%

Average Annual Savings

Confidio Performance Pharmacy Solutions healthcare spend

$273 Million

Healthcare Spend Under Management

Confidio Performance Pharmacy SolutionsFounded 2012

Headquartered in Maryland; national coverage

Confidio Performance Pharmacy solutions total amount saved $271 Million

3 Year Projected Savings

PPS is a proven model for optimizing your pharmacy benefit. Advanced data analytics paired with insider experience provides transparency that minimizes drug spend while maximizing care and patient outcomes. As the name implies, Performance Pharmacy Solutions is performance-based, results-driven and continuously validated.

Using client-specific data and our advanced analytics engine we provide unmatched clarity into your current pharmacy spend and opportunities to maximize future savings.

Our dedicated pharmacy consultants are embedded within your broader advisory team helping to easily navigate PBM implementations and provide ongoing strategic pharmacy consulting focused on your client’s goals, not the PBMs.

We don’t just help you find the right PBM solution for you, we ensure that our contracts deliver. Through our proprietary Performance AnalyticsTM, we validate PBM performance ensuring the PBM has met their financial obligations.

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