The Team

Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Aj Somaini


clinical sales consultant

AJ has over 7 years’ of direct patient care experience in multiple pharmacy practice settings. Before coming to Confidio, he practiced as a Licensed Pharmacist and Clinical Liaison with Rite Aid Pharmacy.  AJ delivered immunization clinics for large, self-funded corporations, completed medication therapy management cases, and designed and executed medication compliance programs. He has also managed diabetic patients under collaborative practice agreements, worked in long-term care, and acted as a pharmacy consultant. AJ has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for 6 years.


AJ’s experiences have given him a comprehensive view of the healthcare system and has allowed him to understand the importance of a value-based approach for both the plan sponsor and the member as it relates to pharmacy.


AJ graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston in 2009. AJ and his family live just outside of Burlington, Vermont.


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