The Team

Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Cathy Addis


vice president, vendor relations & compliance

Cathy Addis has over 20 years of industry experience in account management, client implementation, and employee benefits. Prior to joining Confidio, Cathy worked for a broker organization for over 6 years as a Senior Account Executive, overseeing the complete benefit offerings of both large and small groups, fully insured and self-funded plans. In addition, Cathy worked at Express Scripts for 7 years where she managed the Sales Coordinator team.  Cathy has also served as an Account Executive at a third-party administrator, as well as the Human Resources and Benefits Manager for a large healthcare organization. She has an extensive background in the benefits industry, with an emphasis on client satisfaction. As an advocate for her clients, Cathy is perpetually working to enhance the consumer experience with an understanding of their benefits. Cathy has a undergraduate business degree from Towson University and a  graduate business degree from The University of Baltimore.