The Team

Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Genevieve Regal


clinical consultant

Genevieve packs a powerful punch with her clinical experience, endless energy, focus and passion. Genevieve effectively implements clinical initiatives to ensure programs bring value in order to adapt to the ever-changing pharmacy paradigm. With 13 years’ of pharmacy related experience, Genevieve has supported both Health Plans and PBMs to optimize patient care. She also has broad based experience in hospital, long term care, and community pharmacy.


Before joining Confidio, Genevieve worked as the Capital BlueCross Director of Pharmacy where she led a Medicare Part D pharmacy oversight team that monitored PBM vendor operations, Medicare regulatory compliance, and quality improvement. With specific Medicare knowledge, Genevieve developed best practices recognized by CMS Regional Offices and led post-sanction procedural development to remediate CMS findings. Additionally, Genevieve was a Benecard PBM Pharmacy Director where she managed commercial specific pharmacy trend data for regional clients. While working at the PBM, she testified at CMS program/validation audits, developed CMS sanction post-audit corrective action plans, and championed design of a coverage determination/appeal software system.


Genevieve received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences and graduated from George Washington University with a Healthcare Master of Business Administration Degree. Genevieve is Medication Therapy Management certified by the American Pharmacist’s Association and is also a certified Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist.


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