The Team

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John Spinoso

marketing coordinator

John Spinoso has been working the field of visual communication and marketing for a little over 10 years. Most of the time he’s the guy behind the scenes who you never really hear much about, or from (but he likes it that way). He’s a master of bending pixels and making other people’s imaginations come true. John started his career working in print-production helping develop art for in-store retail environments for companies such as; Total Wine, Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and DollarTree. Later he transitioned himself into applying his design skillset into B2B and B2C environments. Thus leading him to proudly assume the role of Marketing Coordinator, working alongside a great team of other marketing professionals here at Confidio!


Wondering what his actual “skillset” is? Over the years he’s become a “Jack of all trades”. He does everything from; graphic design, web design, website development, lite coding, email development, social media, video editing, SEO optimization, photography, and is ever learning how to become a better marketing professional.


He earned his undergraduate degree in Integrated Arts/ Graphic Design from the Pennsylvania State University and minored in Art History. (He does actually hope one day to go back to school and earn his MS in Marketing or UX Design)


P.S… John also is dreading writing his own bio and hopes you found this semi entertaining.