The Team

Stacey Golub

account executive

Stacey brings 20 years of healthcare industry experience to Confidio, serving various roles in account management, project management and regional operations. She enjoys consulting with clients and guiding them to the best solutions that control costs while arriving at the best clinical outcomes. Stacey has led teams in clinical and corporate settings, and has worked with a wide range of client types (i.e. large and small employer groups, hospitals, surgical centers, state government, and Medicare Part D). She gained her expertise in prescription benefits while working for 9 years in the PBM industry. Stacey has a keen ability to consult with her clients and probe for intent and then translate the desired plan designs into the appropriate benefit set up. By asking the right questions and ensuring a clear understanding of their goals, Stacey delivers upon her clients’ needs and is always striving to exceed their expectations.


Stacey earned both her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and her Master of Science Degree in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.