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Confidio Pharmacy Solutions team member Jenna Cunningham

Jenna Cunningham

sales support coordinator

Jenna brings a member-focused retail pharmacy perspective to our internal operations.   About 15 years ago she needed an after-school job and took a position at a chain retail pharmacy.  Little did she know this decision made on the fly would become her chosen career path.  Within a short period, she began pursuing her Pharmacy Technician Certification and taking on more responsibilities.  By the end of her tenure with the chain pharmacy she was the Pharmacy Technician assisting in auditing, filling, inventory, employee training, and prescription drug delivery for one of the chain’s busiest locations on the east coast.


From there she moved to a family-owned pharmacy to lend a hand with their intense billing.  Jenna learned the ropes of insurance billing, contracting, and auditing for a variety of highly specialized Medicare, Medicaid, and private plans.


She came to Confidio and is now using her expertise to support our sales team in the field and to bolster our many internal projects.


Jenna received her Bachelor’s Degree In Religious Studies at Towson University and spends her spare time practicing swing dance moves and listening to TED talks.


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